Those responsible are paying for others


I have noticed that more homes are being built in the city of Dunkirk. Are these also for a special group of people?

My question is: could it be possible that they could be occupied by those hard-working families or for those disabled American veterans?

So who are the people these new homes for? Possibly those who were misplaced from weather conditions from another country or possibly for those who are receiving benefits from the taxpayers. No one seems to know.

One thing for sure is that working families have applied for those homes but were refused because they were employed. So if the taxpayers are good enough to furnish those homes with the finances from those taxpayers, why are they not good enough to occupy those premises?

The hard-working families in this state and also this country are being discriminated against by policies that are against those hard-working families, especially in New York state. Albany thinks more for the criminals who receive taxpayers’ cell phones, computers and early release from prison.

The illegal aliens who are protected and receive free college, free drivers’ licenses, free benefits but yet they are not citizens of this country. Albany doesn’t seem to care. Albany also has a new gimmick and that is no bail for those offenders. Do they really believe that those offenders will return to court on their own?

If not, law enforcement has to use extra hours and time to try and attempt to locate those offenders. In the mean time, they are free to break our laws once again. Who in their right mind made this stupid law up?

Again, Albany has forgotten about the decent citizens who would be victims of those released prisoners. If they don’t care, how about the welfare free-loaders? They seem to continue to receive those benefits from the hard-working families. When does this lunacy stop?

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com