Poor communication, an internal disaster

Where to start on the theatrical display presented by those involved in leadership at Brooks-TLC and Kaleida? Administration, in their attempt to close a much needed facility with essential services, has created quite a problem. It started with the closure of the nursing home and the situation has continued to worsen until the present moment. The administration made the community believe that the emergency room was closed, then that the emergency room was only open on a “limited basis.”

Now, through changing closure dates, rumors and poor communication, they have created an internal disaster — an attempt to close the hospital through supposed short staffing. This crisis of their own making is now meant to provide the excuse they need to close the hospital even without state Office of Mental Health’s approval.

This is just more of the same scare tactics and intimidation that we have come to expect. Right now, we have patients who are happy to be in a smaller hospital in their own community. It is comfortable for them.

Why would we take away a needed service when it can be provided here? Sure, there is a need to adapt as needs change. However, our census and the statistics of mental health needs in our county are proof that we are more than needed here.

We treat people, not big business. Society has gone too far in serving businesses and budgets rather than people.

MJ Sanderson is a Cherry Creek resident.


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