Things still spinning out of control

The wind turbines are getting out of hand. Now the state of New York wants those turbines in Lake Erie to be called a wind turbine farm.

Even some of the people who were in favor of these turbines are having second thoughts because of the constant noise and the danger it presents to anyone near these things. My question is: where are the groups who are so concerned about wildlife and our forests? Is there no concern for the animals, the water or countryside?

Where are these do-gooders? We don’t hear from them at all. My question: why not? They were responsible for the stoppage of the Peace Bridge construction addition so the flow of traffic could be made easier, but instead, these groups were more concerned for the birds than the traffic problem on the Peace Bridge.

So where are they now? This challenge is more important, if not the same as the Peace Bridge. These turbines are making a mess of our countryside and now Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to destroy our scenic Lake Erie.

When taxpayers say no to this idea, Cuomo doesn’t pay any attention to them. Instead, he is going forward with this lunacy. I guess the taxpayers in this state don’t count for much in the eyes of Cuomo. This is an insult to the New York state taxpayers.

Disgraceful. This mess continues on all fronts of Albany, which seems to get away with their dictatorship to the residents of New York state.

A society that is going backward by some of those in a political party that has lost its common sense, causing a society to be in turmoil because of ignorant and biased people not only in Albany, but in Congress as well.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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