New law puts our safety at risk

In the OBSERVER on Jan. 24, there is a write-up about Mayville man jailed after pair of home invasions.

In the Jan. 23 edition there was an article about a Gowanda man charged after a city vehicle pursuit. This guy had a gun in his possession plus many charges besides the gun, and he was released, because of this bail reform.

So what is wrong with this picture? I think Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a wrong decision when he signed this law bail reform. Just last week, another man stole a car from Dunkirk with a gun in his possession. So with this new law bail reform, the guy was released with tickets.

So now these guys who did this, probably will do it again. Now no one is safe in the community any more with this bail reform. No one is even safe on the roads, or even walking down the streets.

I believe that the governor needs to open up his eyes and use his head as a more than just a hat rack and think of what he’s signing before he does it. He does not realize that everyone in the community is not safe any more, due to the new bail reform law.

I think it is the most stupid law that could ever be signed by anyone.

Cathy Parisio is a Silver Creek resident.


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