Turbines on lake are losing proposal

If you use National Grid, you may have gotten a recent flyer asking if you would like your electricity supplied by wind turbines.

This is a survey looking for support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to install 50 to 200 industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie from Lackawanna to Dunkirk.

These will be 400 feet high and installed on concrete platforms. Conveniently, the survey was pre-checked that you would like wind energy.

The Buffalo News recently reported: “New York’s Clean Energy Standard calls for 70 percent of the Empire State’s electricity to be provided from renewable energy sources by 2030.” This helps put this into perspective and why this is happening. Note, we have Niagara Falls to provided enough power, this plan will send electricity downstate or sold to other areas.

Please note: “The costs for an off-shore wind project are 275 percent higher than the average costs of other renewable energy.

“Annual operation and maintenance considerations are 211 percent higher than the average renewable costs. The most current information that we have from New York Independent System Operators is that the supply price would be roughly $20 per megawatt hour. Offshore wind pricing right now would be in around $98 per megawatt hour, five times the cost.

“If it wasn’t for federal incentives, these companies like Diamond Wind wouldn’t even consider building them.”

The industrial turbines will not help our area. They are inefficient and ineffective.

They are detrimental to birds and bats and marine life. Besides leaking lubricants, and changing recreational boating and fishing, they may not withstand the storms of our Great Lake.

There has yet to be a “wind farm” in fresh water. We cannot afford to have this experiment in Lake Erie.

Please say no to Gov. Cuomo and Diamond Wind.

Sharen Trembath is a member of Citizens against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie and an Evans resident.


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