Now’s the time to help ‘Main Street’

There are many stimulus plans floating around Washington. Two notable ones are from Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell.

Sanders wants a direct payment of $2,000 for each person in the country. He points out that the people who have the least resources need the most help. He also says that children are expensive.

Right now parents have to get home schooling supplies and find things for their kids to do. A new toy or craft could be a big help right now. The other consideration is the simplicity of giving everyone the same payment. Less paperwork means less overhead.

Under McConnell’s plan there would be a sliding scale. People who had a very low income would get $600. That would go up to $1,200 a person with a cap of $2,400 a family. Children would be an extra $500. To say that a child is worth half of an adult is discount them as fully human. Because it will be tied to taxes of 2018 everyone’s grant will be different. There is a lot more paperwork involved in a complex system.

Sanders wants all COVID-19 costs to be submitted to Medicare. No one will be asked for a co-pay or money up front. Medicare will submit claims to the insurance companies for you and it will be reimbursed by them. One central billing will decrease costs and the doctor’s office will only have one form to fill out.

This is no time for people to go without care. We are only healthy if we all have health care. Think of Jesus’ words in Mathew 25:36: “I was sick and you visited me.” It’s clear in this passage that Jesus meant that we should help anyone who needs it.

Sanders’ plan also includes immediate cash for small and rural hospitals. They need to ramp up dramatically to meet the current need.

McConnell’s plan includes large corporate tax cuts. With no strings attached.

Sanders’ plan also bales out corporations but it includes provisions to protect workers. It would ban companies from buying back their own stock, executive bonuses or laying off workers. He often says, “In the financial crises of 2008 the American people bailed out Wall Street. Now it’s time for Wall Street to bail out Main Street.”

Marie Tomlinson is a Fredonia resident.


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