Working together for a common goal


Why did they name it the coronavirus? The meaning of a corona is first and foremost a crown, at least that’s the first definition of it in my Webster’s dictionary. It makes one wonder why they have called this new illness a coronavirus. I suppose the greatest danger we have in the modern world, is that we are no longer isolated, one place or country from another.

Whether we like it or not, the people of the world must learn to share the globe together, or suffer the consequences together. The people of the world must give up their local dreams of kingdoms etc. and learn to live with cooperation, rather than reverting to the age old practice of trying to conquer and rule over the rest of the world. We must learn to find a more uniting relationship across the globe, lest we all perish in our own mutual destruction.

All these countries that see themselves in competition to be superior, use the same principles as their rivals. Their scientists all follow the same rules to launch their missiles, shoot their canons, run their submarines, or fly their airplanes. It’s like everyone is in a big game to see who will win in the end. Doesn’t anyone realize that we are all governed by the same laws. No matter where in the world you are, water always runs downhill. The same God created China, Russia and Korea, as he who created the United States of America.

There is only one way that peace on earth can be accomplished. If one tries to annihilate his enemies, he will end up as the only being left. Killing your enemies creates distrust, and the more you kill, the more enemies you are creating.

The other is to somehow educate everyone to realize that a world which recognizes the potential of the human mind, will eventually create a Nirvana (a place or condition of great peace or bliss). No one really believes that such is possible, and that’s the main reason it may be difficult to accomplish. While I may think it eventually possible, in today’s world I don’t think it is, but isn’t that actually what we must work for if we are to survive? Isn’t that our goal, and if not, shouldn’t it be? Just think, a world of cooperating, mutually appreciating people.

Over thousands of years we have seen mankind do things that we thought were impossible. People who accomplished these things did so because they had faith, and thought it could, or should, be possible. While we have lived in marvelous wonderment, upon seeing the automobile, the airplane, the skyscraper, the steel bridge across San Francisco’s bay, we in a stubborn lack of faith keep on thinking that the next step is impossible. The next step is never impossible, and it leads to a beautiful tomorrow. It always has, and always will. It is possible!

Our biggest distraction is that we fail to truly love one another, and feel we have reason to mistrust. We are judgmental, and fail to see the beauty and truth about our fellow travelers. We worship the spirit of competition. Our greatest attractions are things which portray the overcoming of our problems by overcoming our competitors, whether in sports, business, or whatever.

The human is the greatest creation in the world. Trying to be the best one ever is futile. You may temporarily be the best golfer, the best quarterback etc., etc., but will anyone ever be the best human? There was a man many years ago, who may have been, but everyone, in considering the idea said, “No man is that good, he must have been God himself.” Our disbelief in our better selves is our main problem. We seem to need villains to be better than. Struggle on. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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