An unfair assault on law enforcement

The degradation of law enforcement in our country is a disgrace.

A terrible incident occurred in the state of Minnesota. It should have never happened. There is no reason to blame everyone who works in law enforcement for this incident.

What we have now are some serious questions and concerns. A number of people are calling for the defunding of police. Some are seeking more training for all law enforcement officers.

Taking it too far is some of these protesters want to decriminalize crimes of a non-violent stature. For instance, does that mean we are giving potential shoplifters a green light to steal from those who are trying to make a living?

What do the laws of this country have anything to do with the unfortunate death in Minnesota?

There is no reason to decriminalize any laws for the benefit of those who want to steal for society.

One major problem with some of our country’s leaders, specifically those from the Democratic party, is that they have no backbone. The rest of the United States of America should not be suffering due to the mistake that was made in Minnesota.

Anarchy is not the answer. Burning and looting businesses that are owned by hard-working people does not solve anything.

Many are upset and angered by these protests they are viewing on television, especially the veterans who came home from a distant war.

One Democratic candidate, Christina Cardinale, had a recent article in the OBSERVER stating we need to change on a local level.

Is her idea of change the same as her colleagues in the Democratic party? To ask more of law enforcement?

We are in unsettling times. Law enforcement still deserves respect and admiration. Continuing to degrade this profession will unleash additional chaos in this country where all lives matter.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.


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