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A human child is born ignorant of the world. Its mind is like unformed clay, which like clay can be molded many ways, depending upon the circumstances of his or her birth, and upbringing. If they are accepted and carefully guided, they can grow into a responsible adult. If they are left to run, free of teaching, or discipline, they become victims of circumstance, and could grow in any direction. We have ample examples of both extremes, and everything in between, in societies around he world.

One of the most basic ideas in managing the child’s introduction to the world by their mentors, probably ought to be not so much as whether their life should have meaning, but how can one give it meaning. Humans have qualities that no other creature on earth even faintly understands. An appreciation of beauty, an appreciation of his consciousness, an insightful intelligence, which seeks meaning, and the awareness it gives him of the world. His intelligence also tells him that life is more rewarding through cooperating with his fellow man, than by trying to dominate them. I am reminded of the final verse of a poem I wrote many years ago that I quote:

“So fill your breast with God’s sweet air,

And sing with me song,

Let music, mirth and harmony

Show us where we belong.

The beasts on earth may growl and glare,

Let people kiss and know;

That love surrounds them everywhere,

They dwell in heaven’s glow.”

I used to be dismayed at how the Christian world had split into so many denominations, from such a basic simple teaching. Then I realized that we are such a variety of people, all with different understandings, from so many different cultures and mentalities, that we are like the spokes on a bicycle wheel. We converge and meet at the axl from every direction, depending from where and how we come.

Today science has made much progress in managing the material world we live in. Many people have put their faith in science, and chosen to ignore any relationship to what thy see as a useless, ineffective God of antiquity. That attitude doesn’t understand that God’s purpose isn’t to solve our problems for us, but to bring us to realize that our destiny goes beyond our earthly appetites and desires. Life is an experience of growth.

Life without principles, which includes mutual respect, leaves only chaos. Will we ever have peace on earth without understanding that we all deserve respect from, and for, one another? If our lives are just an accident, based on nothing but an accident, then human life has no more meaning than that of a mosquito. Doesn’t that make morality just a lot of baloney? Shouldn’t it be worse to kill a man than to swat a mosquito? There are those who don’t think so.

There is a tremendous difference between teaching our children the facts of life, and filling their heads with unfounded, self-serving opinions, and wishful propaganda.

While the snowballing of continual new evidence in the scientific world has brought on a flush of atheism and agnosticism as it studies facts, it will soon bring about a new enlightenment of the rule of the entire universe as being one of purposeful, planned, creation through the expression of a grand intelligence. The more we understand reality of existence, the more we realize that it could not possibly to occur accidentally.

The only accidents are those caused by the ignorance or carelessness of humans. Law and order are the true rulers of the universe. We fail only through our egotistical ignorance. Man’s destiny is to overcome the ignorance, born of his impatient insecurity, and to understand himself and his ultimate place in it all. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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