Treasured concepts for our country

Freedom and intelligence are undoubtedly two of the most treasured concepts we know.

The United States is civilized mankind’s first escape to freedom from the oppressive domination by European tyrants. It has led us to become almost worshipers of freedom.

Freedom, however, is just an open door. What one does once the door is opened is another story. The true promise of an open door to a being of intelligence is the opportunity to express that intelligence. Our development has been slow and not without foolishness, because everyone did not have the dedication of a George Washington or the understanding of an Abraham Lincoln.

In those days, public education wasn’t much for most people.

The most desirable and rewarding gift for any being is intelligence. Unlimited potential for intelligence is the difference between a human and any other animal. It is the prime feature of God or any who truly worship God. Intelligence is what makes reality real. It is what makes possibility possible. It is the cause of purpose and organization upon which everything else depends.

Humanity did not realize how well the whole universe was organized until in the last couple of hundred years. In earlier days, they lived by guess and, by gosh, hoped for the best, surrounded by many stories and myths about what was what.

Today we live in a world that our forefathers never could have guessed or imagined. We have finally come into an age where we are capable of understanding that things are as they are, and we have yet to learn the reality of it all. The future lies before us, with a truth we have yet to completely discover.

We have come to think of freedom as our reward, but are fast coming to realize that freedom is nothing but a curse without intelligence. The fact remains that there may be an unlimited number of answers someone may have for what is the sum of 2 plus 2, especially in using one’s freedom; but there is truly one, and only one, answer. Freedom without intelligence is still mayhem. The master of the universe is intelligence. It rules supreme. In many cases our younger people rejoice and revel in their freedom, but many do not come to realize its futility until they get a bit more mature. I repeat, freedom, without intelligence, is mayhem.

Unfortunately, because facts are facts, we often find intelligence very limited in what it provides for us. It does put serious limitations on our dreams and opportunities, because it has rules and laws we must observe. Unfortunately, intelligence is mostly made of restrictive rules and laws, which give it its reality, meaning and which must be adhered to. If your car runs out of gas, you can’t solve the problem by filling the tank with water, beer, or anything else except gasoline.

Actually, the world and our lives are ruled by laws, and facts which cannot be changed or ignored. They must be adhered to and followed. Things are what they are, and regardless of whether we agree or not, it is true. If we don’t like it we only destroy ourselves by trying to change it. If you want to become a violinist you must learn how to tune the violin, and how to restrict your movements to produce meaningful music from it. Simply scraping the strings with a rosin bow will only get you irritating noise.

Intelligence will inevitably produce freedom, but freedom alone will need help to gain for us intelligence. The best advice ever given is, “Live and learn” May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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