Writer consistently lacks perspective

Most of the people I speak with will bring up commentaries written in the OBSERVER by Richard Makuch. We all find his write ups entertaining as we laugh during and after these conversations.

His most recent commentary had me and my husband laughing so much, we were in tears. The commentary was printed in the July 20 edition of the paper.

He begins his routine immediately in the first paragraph. He states “the Democrats were protesting against council members.” Was he out in front of city hall questioning every single protester to determine what political party they belonged to? Without such accurate information and due diligence on his part, how can he write everyone was a Democrat?

Act two consisted of statements regarding the city budget and creation of a position. He contends the city has more than $100,000 saved from the elimination of two positions. He obviously has not been listening to all of the previous meetings where the mayor has repeatedly informed the taxpayers this year the city will be ending in the red. Despite the extra $100,000, which was planned to be used toward this year’s budget, the city will still be in the red. Not because of the mayor or the fiscal affairs officer, but because of COVID.

People everywhere need to understand the following. Engenio Russi never made a donation written on a check or credit card belonging to the clinic. He is allowed to contribute to the mayor’s campaign provided he used his personal money. Maybe the retired police officer would like to investigate that? Read carefully to comprehend. The following statement is fictitious. I am “making up” an example to illustrate my point.

Bernard Brooks is CEO at Brooks Hospital. He holds a meeting with all of his employees regarding many things. One employee asks if he is allowed to make political donations. Mr. Brooks informs the group anyone is allowed to donate to a political group if they pay with personal funds. Mr. Brooks states, “I have donated to the mayor’s campaign many times, but I use my personal money. Hospital funds are not used.

This example is the same as Mr. Russi’s donation. One could look at all of the donors to the mayor’s campaign. If these donors are gainfully employed, do their employers have ulterior motives as infrared in the commentary?

Susan Lis is a Dunkirk resident.


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