Council’s spirit is sinking Dunkirk

For the last six months I have sat back, watched and listened to what has happened to the city of Dunkirk since the new regime has taken control of the Common Council. I can no longer bite my tongue and say nothing as I see how the new council has plunged Dunkirk into a state of mediocrity, racism and just plain meanness

It starts from the head of the council and his mouthpiece, First Ward Councilman Don Williams, to the rest of the “rubber stamp” council members who call themselves transparent and only have the best interest of the city at heart. Start getting excited about what is possible for the city.

The virus is going to end — soon I hope. Start thinking of new opportunities for the city. Let the Police Department worry about who is parking on the grass and stop quoting Webster’s dictionary. Some insinuate that the people of the city are illiterate. It’s embarrassing.

You see the virus has taken away much what we have taken for granted in our everyday lives. The new council has taken the hope, excitement and mutual respect from the city employees and the citizens of Dunkirk. The prior four years were so exciting and filled with so much hope. The letdown from this council is palatable

The latest example came from a recent WDOE “Viewpoint” on July 24. It was 16 minutes and 28 seconds of disdain and ridicule of the mayor and his administration. It was capped off with the councilman at-large’s remark about the mayor, “He just happens to be Hispanic and I argue with him. So I turn into a bully and a racial bully.” To Councilman Paul VanDenVouver, what does being Hispanic have to do with being the mayor? Are you kidding us! Then the last comment in which he stated that “I want to commend the council on the one great thing they did this year in firing Vicki Westling.” If that is the one great thing the council has done this year, this city is in big trouble!

What the councilman at-large does not get and cannot understand due to not having any human resource experience whatsoever, is that when an employee is separated from an organization for whatever reason, it’s not a time to celebrate. It’s a time to figure out how we handle the void that is left and how to grow forward.

The citizens of Dunkirk deserve better. In fact, they expect better. Since you have admitted to being a bully and a racial bully on public radio, I believe that the only resolve to this unattainable situation is for VanDenVouver to resign the councilman at-large position immediately so the city can grow forward in these very uncertain times.

David N. Campola Sr. is a Dunkirk property owner.


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