Drive of Democrats needs a detour

As I read the OBSERVER on the front page recently was an article headlined, “Introduced bill would phase out gas-powered cars.”

Sen. Pete Harckham, a Democrat, who wants this state to join California in phasing out gas-fueled vehicles. California and New York state, which are both run by Democrats.

This party has recently been taking upon themselves to pass laws without the consent of the population. That is considered a dictatorship.

This law would take effect possibly by the year 2035. Off- road vehicles, equipment, passenger cars and trucks all would be phased out by this law. What happened to the residents of those states and their freedom to vote on such laws?

This is something to remember by all residents when it comes time to vote and consider what party is best suited for the people and for their consideration in such matters. Do we want a dictatorship by those who tell you what to do or a party for the people and by the people? Only you as voters can try and make that decision.

Last, but not least, Albany is making a push to place windmills in Lake Erie. The residents of Western New York specified to Albany that they are against this proposal, but do the Democrats care? Of course not.

Another dictatorship move. When will it end? Oh, I know. When you vote them out of office. The sooner, the better.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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