Outsiders can’t fix city problems

Another article from a self-proclaimed expert, this time from a Fredonia resident that was headlined “Unused NRG Plant must be eliminated.”

The NRG plant, in the city of Dunkirk — not Fredonia — has been ignored by our Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo since the last time he stated he would support this city with the NRG plant in 2013.

But nothing has happened since that support was offered. Our Democratic governor, however, is allowing imported power from a coal-burning plant in the state of Pennsylvania.

He has since placed his priorities toward the illegal aliens in this state – criminals, welfare free-loaders who are living off of the hard-working taxpayers, giving the illegal aliens drivers’ licenses.

Our governor has obstructed the border patrol at the Canadian border from obtaining personal information which could be important of who is entering our country. This is common sense, but there is no way that the border patrol can obtain any type of information from those entering our country who may be wanted, or drug dealers, because our Democratic governor won’t allow the border patrol to do their jobs.

As for the article from the Fredonia resident, if you don’t like looking at the NRG plant, don’t drive in Dunkirk. Keep your comments and ideas in Fredonia. I am sure you can find something to discuss in your village.

You are not a resident of this city. The residents of this city will do what they can to remedy the problem if and when we get a Republican in Albany. In the meantime, stay in Fredonia for your rides, and stay out of our problems. Look for some in Fredonia. I am sure you will find something to find fault with in your own village. Maybe the water.

We don’t need self-proclaimed experts from out of town to remind us of the problems that we have. Go to Erie, Pa., if you like it so much or tell your village lawmakers what they should do in Fredonia.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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