Laws and flaws of being human

I don’t expect to gain a large group of followers for what I write here today. I am talking about what I believe is true, and I’m sure that many will not agree with me. This, however, is an opinion piece, and I must be honest with my opinions. In his book “This Thing Called You” Ernest Holmes wrote; “The limitation of locomotion and travel in ox cart days was not imposed by Divine fiat. It was imposed by ignorance.”

The human race has had a difficult time in gaining knowledge of the world. It has only been in the last couple of hundred years that we have enough knowledge, allowing us to demonstrate anything close to a control over our environment.

Much of this has been due to the freedom of mankind, as afforded by America. The human, when allowed freedom, may make many mistakes, but his higher self will also gain many important footholds in the mysteries of life.

Perhaps our greatest gain in this respect has been our ability to gain a masterful control of electricity. Our newfound uses of it has led to an atmosphere of saturation of the entire world in electromagnetic forces, which fulfill every function of our lives. We use it in our telephone systems which are now almost completely wireless, it guides commercial airplanes, satellites in the sky wash the entire world in electromagnetic messages for every type of information, from movies to critical communications, plus more than I can mention.

We don’t always realize that electromagnetic energy induces an electric current, not only in our antennae, but in everything, and anything that will conduct electricity. While water is an excellent insulator of electricity, I wonder if frigid zone temperatures melting polar ice isn’t really the fact that polar ice, containing many impurities, due to its long permanence on earth, and becoming thereby a good conductor of electricity. Is that the true cause of polar ice melting.

The greatest thing we are learning however is that the world, and the universe, is governed by infallible laws that control everything. Electricity is only one among a host of other things in physics; gravity, chemistry, aerodynamics, in fact all of what we consider as the world of science. The truth we are only beginning to realize, is that everything in the universe does what it does because of the laws of nature. That is how our scientists, in their recognition of these laws are able to send a man to the moon, and are considering to get to Mars eventually.

The problem with all of this is mankind. We the people do not always feel so completely controlled by these rules. Too many of us are still enhanced by Frank Sinatra’s singing of, “I Did It My Way.”

We have a tendency to behave as though we were the governing Gods of the universe, and can therefore do as we please, and let the Devil take the hindmost.

That brings me to the contradiction we entertain when we say in one breath that God is all powerful, but that he created a spirit who turned bad and became God’s enemy in attempting to ruin it all. Satan is an invention of the human mind, looking for an excuse to misbehave. We say, “The Devil made me do it.” Satan exists only in the faltering, fearful, human mind. I am surprised to see how much of modern Christianity still refers to Satan as an active and real anti-god. Sometimes our imagination can be our worst enemy to be overcome. An excerpt from a longer poem I wrote titled “Appetites” reads in part:

We must submit to wind and rain.

We must endure with pleasure, pain.

There’s no escaping mortal strife,

While living in a mortal life.

And all the while we laugh and grieve,

It is our place to just believe;

That if we’re true, and mind our best,

What e’er there is, we’ll pass the test.

May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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