Veterans have earned this day, recognition


Through all this political turmoil of this election let us not forget why we even have this thing called democracy. It is because of men and women who stepped up when America needed it the most they are called veterans. They put their lives on hold some were children out of school who were thrown into the horrors of war to come home mentally scarred if not physically.

Some never saw combat but served in support positions who were just as important. This day called Veterans Day is to honor all those who served and took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. And every veteran did just that up to and including their lives. So this Veterans Day I honor my dad, a World War II veteran, above right, who saw the horrors of war first hand though no longer with us he lives within us as do all those veterans who are no longer alive.

But for those still with us a simple thank you would make their day. Enjoy your day, veterans you earned it.



Silver Creek


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