Wind companies put their interests first

As reported in the OBSERVER article headlined “Tensions evident at Portland wind hearing,” (Oct. 1) Eric Holton from Emergya Wind Technologies stated: “Those who opposed, that if they do not allow the smaller project in, he and his company will have to move in via the state, which means a much larger project.

“We have spent three years here, we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and by no means do we feel entitled to anything because of that, that was our decision and no one else’s,” Holton said. “But I ask the town board to understand that we are obligated to do everything we can to recover that. … So that means we either proceed with our original project or we’re forced to go through the state and convert our current sites to ones down here at a lower elevation.”

For those under the illusion that somehow these companies were doing something to benefit the community, the above statement shows their true intent and ought to disqualify any happy talk they have engaged in since the inception of this environmental and health disaster.

I have seen first hand the environmental destruction of the habitat in Arkwright. I have seen and heard the noise put out by these machines recently. In Arkwright they have ruined what is supposed to be a wildlife management area. Forget about hiking, camping or even having a peaceful picnic at the leen-tos.

And what about the wildlife? Every one has their studies that they point to based on international and national experience regarding bird and bat mortality. In my youth seeing a bald eagle was something you could only dream of, and then only if traveling out west. Incredibly, they are now with us, and osprey too. Now comes, in a typical mix of Albany politics and selfish landowner greed, the spectre of wind turbines to chop them all up. These machines are on private property, or God forbid in the lake. Who will monitor the true toll?

Anyone in this county ought to have a say in all of this. Wildlife knows no boundaries, and they are being slaughtered. Visually, they are a blight upon the landscape, and those blinking red lights at night have destroyed the sky for anyone who can see them from afar.

The town of Portland needs to stand on principle, be honorable and do what’s right. Threats from greedy companies and Albany politicians be damned.

George Burns III is a Fredonia resident.


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