With COVID, quit picking, choosing who to name

This is my first article I have ever written to the OBSERVER.

I believe this is necessary as the front-page article (Nov. 10) does not have the facts stated correctly about the spread of COVID-19 happening at some of the clubs.

The spread of COVID is everywhere and it seems there were only two other clubs mentioned besides the Beaver Club — and this seems to me discrimination. I know for a fact there was another Club in Dunkirk that had more cases and shut down for two weeks.

Also, the Moniuszko Club contacted the Health Department to come and visit their facility to make sure they were doing everything that was necessary to ensure the safety of their members and employees. The Health Department stated the club met all requirements and no further action was needed.

Why wasn’t the private event and the large employer named when the cases started to rise? I feel if you can name some, you need to name all sources.

This is not something only a few should be put on the front page, which can hurt their business. Many businesses are struggling with the pandemic and singling out just a few seems very unfair.

All should be listed — and this is where the discrimination is.

Pat Dillenkofer is a Dunkirk resident.


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