‘Attacks’ put city in poor light

I am appalled at the behavior of certain members of the Dunkirk Common Council. What has happened to civility and common courtesy?

The animosity between the council and the mayor is on display for all to see and read about. Meanwhile, the growth of the city has been put on hold so that they can continue their tirades. No one wants to listen to rational arguments if it goes against what they deem is the best action. There is no discussion, just harsh words and attacks on individuals.

It is no wonder that Rebecca Wurster left. She was the best thing that had happened to the city. She found money for projects and development of the city was wonderful to see. Apparently, those days are gone.

I do not know where this intense dislike comes from between the members of the council and the mayor but I want to remind all of them that you work for the people of the city and you need to conduct yourselves in a manner that is befitting of your title.

The last straw was reading that the councilman at-large has banned the mayor from all meetings in 2021.

Are you serious? What kind of message are you sending? Do you think this is the proper way to address the situation? There obviously needs to be a private discussion between certain individuals.

The lines of communication are desperately in need of clarification. Please, let us end this battle and get on with helping Dunkirk grow again.

Marlene Wright is a Dunkirk resident.


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