Cuomo’s unrelenting charge for green

An article in the OBSERVER was headlined, “Cuomo pushing for renewable energy to help economy and to fight global warming.”

While Chautauqua County has been going green for the last few years with the installation of wind turbines and solar fields, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making a larger push state-wide. Cuomo proposed a $26 billion public-private sector partnerships to build nearly 100 renewable projects. He states that our program provides a diversity of projects, styles and locations.

Sixty-eight of those projects have been commenced, including 52 solar projects, 13 offshore and 3 offshore wind projects, he said, adding that another 24 would be announced shortly.

He noted that New York has secured commitments from companies to manufacture wind turbine components within the state and build the nation’s largest offshore wind program.

Cuomo wants to construct a new transmission superhighway which would be 250 miles long to transport the energy from upstate to New York City and cost around $2 billion.

Cuomo is investing $20 million in a new offshore wind training program at SUNY Stony Brook and Farmingdale State College that will begin certifying and training individuals this year. He states we will train 2,500 workers beginning the summer of 2021, but we won’t only be training for wind and solar projects. The evolution to green energy will involve replacing home heating and cooling systems in approximately 130,000 buildings with heat pumps and geothermal heating.

He states we will train workers for those positions as well. My comment is, “Where is our Democratic governor going to get all of this money from without any type of vote from the taxpayers of this state?”

He should ask those people who liver near those wind turbines how they like the noise and the destruction of their countryside and the destruction of the offshore turbines in the water of this state. There is no mention of our power plant in Dunkirk that he stated he would assist this city on, but only double talk.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.


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