New American ‘mess’ is just beginning

On his first day in office President Biden signed 17 executive orders. The Democrats just kept handing him documents to sign. I don’t think he even knows what he was signing.

For the first time ever, our country was energy independent. Joe Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, which was sending 850,000 gallons of oil a day to the Gulf refineries. Since then, the price of gasoline has already gone up 45 cents a gallon. Now we have to depend on the Middle East for our oil again.

Biden said he wouldn’t ban fracking, which he already has. He also sided with big pharma, to raise the price of insulin for diabetics.

It’s no secret, big tech, big pharma, Facebook, Twitter all sent big money to Biden’s campaign. Twitter has banned free speech by anyone that supported Donald Trump.

The Keystone pipeline employed 11,000 workers who are now without jobs. Canada is not happy as they had over $1 billion invested in the pipeline.

Right now we’ve got caravans with thousands of Hondurans heading for our borders, thanks to Biden. The reason they’re coming, is to have a better life, free housing, free medical care, free food, and whatever else they can get, which our taxpayers will have to absorb.

Biden also canceled the 1776 program which was intended to teach our children and college students the great history of our country. He also stated that no one should call the COVID virus the China virus. Our democracy is being destroyed by the socialist Marxist party of the left.

The American people had better buckle up, because we’re in for a rough ride, thanks to people like Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Cuomo and Maxine Waters, along with the squad. When did our country become a dictatorship? A president should not be able to sit down and sign 40 executive orders over-riding the Senate and House, without voting on these executive orders.

The media appears to have sided with the Democrats. Think about Bengazi, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice. It was all covered up.

There is a two tier justice system, one for the Republicans and another for the Democrats. Millions of dollars were spent investigating Russia collusion, Ukraine phone calls, and fake impeachments. The reason Donald Trump had so many supporters, was because of all the great things he accomplished while in office. He was truly a people’s president.

According to the Democrats, all Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed. I honestly think a year from now, the people that voted for Biden, will regret their decision. The big investigation into Hunter Biden, which included Joe, and his son Jim will be smothered, and covered up by the Democrats and the media. I’m a veteran 78 years old, and I never thought I’d see our country in the mess that we’re in today.

If people really want to see what is happening, watch Fox News, with Hannity, Laura Ingram, or Mark Levin. I hope and pray, that our country will survive the next four years. God bless our country and guide us through this period of unrest.

Phillip J. Maslak is a Dunkirk resident.


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