Making a call for collaboration in city

The several conveyances of unopened Perry Street involved no wrong doing by city officials and city workers. I fully stand by the officials and by the highly skilled city workers, and I fully stand by Department of Public Works analysis of three critical omissions in the special counsel investigative report as that omission analysis is fully published online by WDOE and was summarized in an OBSERVER report.

I support a better collaboration among same-goaled but opposite-party officials. Paper street conveyances always need careful review and careful full process. That the special counsel report did not disclose all of the deeds and easements and dates, with surveyed boundaries, remains a disappointing surprise, although the special counsel did explain he was a hired advocate for council against our mayor.

Likely just doing his profession using his police training for interrogation, a style meant to drive wedges and often be distressing to witnesses even with nothing to hide.

From here I expect more bullying from Councilman Don Williams Jr. because I joined the 17 to 7 Democratic Committee majority vote against his endorsement when a calm and pensive woman threw her hat and an altruistic ego into the ring. He is likely further angered as a dying tree he requested down remains to get to, but is on DPW’s 2021 program for drainage improvements, on a paper street he hopes for a relative to acquire.

I also expect more bullying against a citizen who just wanted a diseased white ash removed and safely disposed of, a tree I directed down at my first, and only, in-person visit in 2016.

We should fight invasive species rather than fellow Dunkirk residents.

Randy J. Woodbury is city of Dunkirk public works director and retired instructor at SUNY Fredonia Geology and Environmental Science


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