Making it tough to pass on solar

An interesting occurrence learned in crime scene investigation is that multiple eyewitnesses to the same event can have differing views or recollections of that event. Perception, prejudice and other factors can color witness statements.

Remember the dress controversy? Was it white and gold or black and blue? Did you hear yannie or laurel?

It was this that came to mind when I read a recent commentary titled “U.S. Could use more ‘understanding” on the Opinion page of the OBSERVER.

The author of that piece is of the opinion that because President Biden “…served for many years in the U.S. Senate and was Vice President. His son served in the military. He understands how government works, …”

I agree with the author on certain points he makes. Yes, President Biden did indeed serve in the U.S. Senate and as Vice President, both of his sons were in the military. Our mutual acquiescence forks from there.

While it may be viewed by some that decades of office holding are an asset, a number of us see it as a deficit. Once in power, most politicians are loathe to surrender that capacity. Arguably, understanding how government works is an avenue to control that endeavor.

The Biden Administration shut down thousands of jobs in the fossil fuel industry in its’ first weeks in office. That same line of thinking will change our country from being a net fuel exporter to a buyer. Indeed this Administration is embracing renewable energies by tipping the scales. Surely, billions of our tax dollars will be bestowed upon “green” energy industries. If government cuts off your oil then you must embrace an alternative, renewables. Some perceive this as a positive. Not I. I believe a more comprehensive and methodical plan to wean off fossil fuels would have been a better alternative.

The Biden Administration is allowing tens of thousands of people to flood across our border unchecked. It dismantled programs that were functioning to secure that border and halted already funded construction of a secure border wall. The Biden Administration is being more humane, some say. Not I. I believe that encouraging mass illegal immigration into our country it will further strain our already stretched resources. Some lament that our Education and Health systems are lacking, in their opinion, yet they strive to welcome many millions more people into them.

The Biden Administration placed a moratorium on deporting convicted felons that are in our country illegally. This is touted as a humane by some. Not I. I think enacted laws should be enforced equally and without malice. Remember all that “no one is above the law “ quote that is trotted out when it serves a certain groups agenda?

The Biden Administration was instrumental in passing an “Emergency” $1.9 trillion bill. Almost $1 trillion is still unspent from the last “Emergency” bill. Why, if it is an “emergency” is most of the allocated funding not to be spent for two years? Why call it a “Covid Relief” bill when less than 10% is actually used in covid relief? Some people wave off hurling the country deeper in debt as a needful thing. Not I. When things get tight in our house we spend less.

There are more examples I could cite but this is an essay not a book. Isn’t it interesting how a single event can be viewed by different observers and each observer perceives, sometimes polar opposite, effects?

Randy Good is a Forestville resident.


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