Damore was ‘great ambassador’

Dr. Patrick R. Damore

I first met Pat Damore while we were both going door to door campaigning for trustee positions on the Fredonia Village Board.

Pat introduced himself, and I introduced myself, and we both went door to door together, chatting all the way. Pat was a Republican and I was a Democrat, but we agreed on everything we discussed.

Pat was already a trustee and had a great understanding of the village and the position. After the election and we were both on the board, Pat would call me and say, “Hey big guy I’m going to come over and pick you up so that we can look at a few things.” We would ride around the village and look at everything that needed attention.

Pat had been involved with the original purchase of the Fredonia trolley. After some friendly nudging, he agreed to allow me to drive it.

He went through all the secrets and peculiarities of the trolley. One night I volunteered to give a tour to a group who were in town for a class reunion. While we were driving around town, one of the passengers asked if I could drive through the cemetery and pick up a couple of their classmates. The roads through the cemetery were plenty wide enough for the trolley.

The next morning Pat stopped over to ask me about the rumors that the trolley had been in the cemetery. I explained that the head stones were old and fell right over.

Pat did not appreciate my sense of humor and never let me drive when we went out for coffee. While I was mayor, Pat was very active. He contacted BOCES, raised funds, and had the trolley refurbished by the students and teachers. Pat also made sure that all the welcome signs entering the village were repaired or replaced.

The sign in front of Village Hall was completely refurbished thanks to Pat Damore.

Although Pat spent much time improving the village, he refused to take credit for his endeavors. He would shy away from photos and accolades. He was in all aspects, a true gentleman.

Prior to COVID, Jack Glenzer, Pat Damore and I would have coffee together and discuss how we could secure the Congressional Medal of Honor for William Cushing. Hopefully, Jack and I can continue that mission.

Pat Damore will be greatly missed. The village has lost a great ambassador.

Stephen Keefe is a Fredonia resident.


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