Our life is full of mysteries

Mankind has proven himself to be an expert mechanic. He has designed many things, from automobiles to rocket ships, to overcome the problems of life.

Life is perhaps the great mystery of living. Just what is it? It occurs on earth in a multitude of forms, stationary and self-mobile, and each is indescribable in its entirety. From many types of living plant life, to earth worms, elephants, and humans, we do not have the faintest idea of what produces them. The explanation of fertilization hardly covers all of the ground that life’s generation covers. What is the secret of the acorn, or any form of life’s existence?

To be brief, what is their cause or creation? What is their origination, and where do they all come from? From plants, to earth worms, elephants, and humanity, what are they? Surely they do not just appear with no reason. Everything has a reason, and a cause.

Nothing comes from nothing. Everything has a cause and an origination. Why are all of their lifetimes limited to a predetermined few years?

Modern science has made many discoveries. It has never, however, created anything from nothing. What does that mean? We have changed the meaning of many things, and trans versed many applications of many occurrences, but we have never created life, not even such a simple thing as an earthworm. Isn’t it about time that we take the time to evaluate the terms and trials of our lives, amid the unrealized and undetermined magic of our lives? Just what are we anyway? In his book “This Thing Called You” by Ernest Holmes he writes, “The limitation of locomotion and travel in ox cart days, was not imposed by divine fiat. It was imposed by ignorance.”

Does anyone really imagine that we have been produced, and designed to be the servants of our supposed, superior humans? Don’t we all have equality in our understanding of potential reality? We, not our rulers, over came the ox cart. There are in our midst those who have been taught that they are servants of their superiors. Supposed superiors have rules which give them power over us to our own disfavor.

We are not their, or anyone’s slaves or servants. Mankind is the highest form of life on earth. To enslave him, is to distort the causes of our creator. There must be a grand creator of such a well tuned creation.

Men like Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Ford, or the Wright Brothers, were nothing but humans who had the courage to pursue their own beliefs regarding possibilities. They were not freaks, or oppressors. They had the fortune to be Americans, and to have the freedoms that such gave them. We should learn from them. They have been our trail blazers, pointing the way to the future which awaits us all. The human is the highest form of life on earth. We are the only creatures who understand the rules governing things, and consequently, who can arrange things for our own purposes.

As long as we see our neighbors as our enemies, we shall never be able to reach our predetermined goals. Our first goal is to see our neighbors as ourselves, which they truly are, and work for unity among our many societies.

We humans are truly alike. We have developed many societies determined by the conditions which made our societies self serving.

Now we must learn to see the humanity in all of us, for our predetermined welfare.

Let’s not allow the future to leave us behind. Let us forge ahead to forever, and become what we all truly are, the highest form of life on the planet.

Let’s not allow egoism to destroy our true destiny. We, are all pretty much the same creatures, born to the same destiny. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we shall realize our life’s true purpose. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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