A special thanks for local business

From this perspective

Recently in Gowanda, our local grocery store was closed for several days due to a fire caused by a lightening strike. The community was temporarily devastated by this event. We highly commend the ownership and store personnel, the first responders, and private personnel … all of them … for their most dedicated and most efficient response. All is well now and the store is back in operation.

Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Erie counties are each noted for their excellence of small businesses. This past week I went to the local pharmacy and hardware store. I went to a department store, and on my way, I stopped at the local filling station and filled our car with fuel. Then, I noticed that our car was in need of inspection, so I stopped at the local vehicle repair shop to have the inspection. While it was being inspected, I stopped by the local restaurant to have a quick cup of coffee and I stopped by the local post office.

Yesterday, the local plumber came to repair a leaking water faucet . Within the past month, the local small engine repair shop stopped by to pick up my tractor lawn mower for a tune up.

Several days ago, my wife had an appointment with our local physician, and next week, I am scheduled to see our local dentist.

And, if I am fortunate, our local editor will accept this article for publication in our local newspaper. Needless to say, it is busy in our local community… a virtual splendid healthy treasure trove of active local businesses, public service and professional personnel, farmers, and independent entrepreneurs. How fortunate we are!

There are 22.9 million small businesses in the United States and they are located in virtually every neighborhood in this great Country of ours. They serve a strategic role in the dynamism of the backbone of the American economy. Small businesses, many of which are family operations, provide nearly two of every three new jobs; produce 39 percent of the gross national product and invent more than half the nation’s technological innovation. Our history points to these small businesses which provided in the past, as they do today, dynamic opportunity for the working population. In fact, small businesses create more than 59 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). They are women and men brimming with creative ideas and possessing aspirations of entrepreneurial possibility thinking.

Next time you have a chance, look over your nearby community and see creative integrity at work.

How fortunate we are to have a creatively hard working population who provide the services, goods, and products demanded by an appreciative public. “Thank you” small business personnel and farm owners and workers. Indeed, YOU untiringly help to fulfill the great American dream of the free enterprise system and exceptionalism at its best!

Dr. Robert L. Heichberger is Emeritus Member College Council and Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus SUNY Fredonia


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