Virus is one of many U.S. issues

It’s been quite a year so far on many fronts in our nation and I’m not so sure it shows signs of getting better soon but I live in hope.

My youngest grandson is entering kindergarten this fall. For me kindergarten was a time in my life when I made friends that I have until this day. It was also a time when we learned not only about school but also how to play with others, an important skill that would later assist us in working with others and doing so as a member of a team. These are important life skills that are more important than many would think but I wonder how well they will be developed when he, his fellow students, and teachers and administrators have half their faces covered by masks?

I’m no doctor or expert on infectious diseases but I probably know as much as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor DeBlasio, or other politicians who believe only they can save us from COVID and its variants. The science has been telling us, and we have been following it for some time, that children are not prone to getting the disease and even when they have it are not likely to pass it on to others like vaccinated teachers and administrators.

Based on the above, the question that comes to mind is, why do young children who pose no COVID-19 or “Delta” variant threat to anyone, need to wear masks in school at a time in their lives when they should be learning to read and understand the facial expressions of others, something that is an absolute necessity for developing the interpersonal skills that are key to our development?

It’s all very confusing. The CDC and the Biden administration change their minds on masking and other COVID-19-related issues almost hourly resulting in statements that contradict statements made by the other.

The “science” states that anyone who has had COVID-19 has better immunity than that imparted by the vaccine and do not need the shot. The science also states that those who have had bad reactions to other vaccines should consult their doctor before getting the shot but the science also states that the vaccine is a very effective means of avoiding COVID-19, the Delta Variant or mitigating their impact. Based on that, my advice is to get the vaccine.

Talk of masking, unmasking, remasking, and possible shutdowns in various cities and states in parts of our country stands in startling contrast to what is happening along our southern border where many thousands of “illegals” who have tested positive for COVID-19 are being sent into the interior of our country with no real means of keeping track of them.

Of the irresponsible acts committed by the Biden administration in its effort to fundamentally change our nation, this is by far the most irresponsible yet.

Another issue that has me concerned is the proposed inclusion of Critical Race Theory in our schools and universities, and its current teaching by corporations and governmental agencies. Critical Race Theory is the creation of Marxist academics with too much time on their hands, who after the repeated failures of Marxist regimes to establish workers’ paradises by dividing society into opposing camps of “workers” and “bosses” have now developed Critical Race Theory in an attempt to divide society into opposing camps of whites who are all seen as racists and their non-white victims. Proponents of CRT see this eventually leading to situation where a small, committed and ruthless minority, supported by the “victim Class” can seize the reins of power and establish a Marxist non-white paradise. Contrary to the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., CRT states that all people are to be judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. Progressives tell us that the nation’s reaction to Critical Race Theory is an overreaction and that the theory has been co-opted by conservative organizations as a cudgel in their battle with progressives, ignoring the fact that many liberal groups, educational organizations and teachers’ unions actively support its inclusion in school curriculums.

There are other issues that concern me like out-of-control federal spending, the attempt by Democrats in Congress to grab control of elections from the states and crazy talk from Democrats about students being reimbursed by the federal government for the cost of higher education but those are for another time. Meanwhile enjoy the rest of summer.

Thomas Kirkpatrick Sr. is a Silver Creek resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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