Are we losing sight of what’s important?

Humanity has been in a struggle with themselves for untold generations to see who is best, and who can come out on top. Even in our entertainment, we strive to defeat out rivals, with whom we compete to see who will overcome the other. We have made our fellow travelers to be our enemies, to be defeated in games or wars, to prove we are the best, or our armies the strongest. We think we have done our best if we can be remembered as being one who overcame everything that may have stood in their way to achieve fame and fortune in this life. Every generation or so, we discover something that changes our attitudes in some small way until we have finally come to realize that there is more going on than we have fully understood.

The struggle for humanity on this earth has been a long one. We should have been accepting of the reality of existence hundreds of year s ago. We can’t seem to get it through our heads that the whole universe is governed by fixed laws that govern everything in existence, including you and me. Each new generation must learn all over again that the world is ruled, not by dictators or kings, but by a being who created it all. We are too often overcome by the promises of some smartypants that he can get us on easy street with some shortcut to bliss with a few new (or old, tired ) rules of overcoming the traditional rules of adhering to reality.

The architects, physicists, chemists, mechanics, philosophers, have all learned that the entire universe has been ruled, now and forever, by fixed unchangeable rules. They are, in their progress, far beyond the man in the street. The rest of we humans, seem to be endlessly stubborn in our quest to replace the rules of reality to ones that will easily replace the normal rules for success. In short we want to do it as Frank Sinatra sang, “I Did It My Way.” This is our own personal battle with the creator of reality.

We cannot change reality. We cannot change who or what we are. We cannot change the facts of life, although they may be the last things we would want to change, if we truly understood them. We didn’t make ourselves. In fact we do not truly know just how we came into this world. We know we were born, but we don’t truly know just how we were actually created in the first place. We know we had a father and a mother, and we have a general idea of how they got us, but we do not actually “know” what actually made that whole business work the way it does. It seems to be beyond our ability to fathom. All we know is that is the way all life is.

In the last one hundred years or so, we have come to understand enough to finally realize that there is an intelligence beyond our understanding, which must have created the entire universe.

We have come to realize that the whole universe is coordinated in a cooperating creation which is beyond our ability, at least for now, to be understood by our present revelations.

We have finally come to realize that the universe is not ruled by temperamental hob-goblins or other competing ogres or dueling gods. We have finally come to realize that the entire universe is governed by one creator, who has designed and controls it to support his plan, which is not to punish those among us who do not understand, but to bring us all to the level of understanding which we have been designed to express. The only evil we must overcome is the ego of of our own ignorance. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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