Biden’s ways are putting U.S. on decline

It’s truly a shame to see what’s happening to our country. Our leadership is inept to say the least.

It is terrible what the schools are teaching our young people today. Instead of teaching our children basic skills to help them later in life, they’re teaching them about racism, white supremacy and what a terrible country the United States is. Joe Biden was given a gift when he became president, and he completely blew it. President Trump was accused of Russian collusion, but nothing was ever proven after years of investigations.

If anyone colluded with the Russians, it’s Joe and his son Hunter. First Biden opened our southern border and let millions of illegal aliens into our country with no background checks, and many of them carrying COVID 19.

Then he shuts down our Keystone pipeline when we were energy independent for the first time in history. He then proceeds to give the OK for Russia to build a pipeline to Europe. Now Biden was asking OPEC to increase oil production for us, and they told him “no way!” Where is Kamala Harris? The last I knew she was in Vietnam, then in Singapore. What is she doing over there? She is supposed to be in charge of our southern border. If you ask her any questions, she just laughs everything off. If the press tries to ask Biden any questions, he just ignores them and walks away. If you asked Biden what time of day it is, he would have to ask someone, or look at his notes. Biden should have a cognitive test, just like the Dems demanded President Trump to have, which he passed 100%. Joe Biden spends more time in Delaware and Camp David than he does at the White House.

His pull-out of Afghanistan was the biggest fiasco yet. He had intel showing the Taliban was taking over, and closing in on Kabul rapidly. He should have been withdrawing Americans and our allies in May, June and July.

After your people are safe, then you destroy any military supplies and equipment. Then you pull your troops out last, He pulled our troops out first, and left billions of dollars of military equipment behind.

He left automatic weapons, humvees, Black Hawk helicopters, artillery and ammunitions behind for the Taliban to enjoy. We have now lost a lot of respect from our former allies.

When Jen Psaki speaks to the press, it’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad. This is the most incompetent administration I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

Do you miss President Trump yet? I sure do. Maybe if we all become woke, things will get better. How’s this catch and release, and no bail working out for you?

How about defunding our police, how’s that working out? Let’s all pray we can survive through this dark time, and get back to where we were before these people were elected.

God bless the U.S.A.

Philip Maslak Sr. is a Dunkirk resident.


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