Setting the wrong example with support

An article in late September in the OBSERVER was headlined, “Faith groups aid Haitian illegal migrants and denounce mistreatment.”

The faith-based groups, many of them longtime advocates for a more welcoming immigration policy, have been trying to keep up with fast-paced developments in the Haitian migrant crisis, trying to assist those in need while assailing the so-called harsh treatment from the border patrol — so-called tactics that are employed against them.

Thousands of Haitians who came into this country illegally, breaking our laws, but still continued to come across the United States borders from a camp in the United States border city of Del Rio, Texas. A coalition of churches and other groups was providing the illegal aliens with food, water and other essentials. Since dispersing many of the illegal aliens, they have provided help to these illegal aliens who crossed our borders illegally from faith-based groups in Houston and El Paso as they seek to connect with others in the United States who are also illegal aliens.

What these groups don’t realize is that by allowing these illegals this support, other illegals see this as a free trip over our border and receive the same treatment as the other illegals have received. What these groups don’t realize is their conduct just makes this dire situation much worse than it already is.

As far as the border patrol mounted officers, a photographer who took the pictures of the incident stated that the border patrol mounted officers did nothing wrong.

Those straps were to control their horses. So it looks like the radicals are at it again, trying to make something out of nothing, as usual.

The organizations who keep making excuses for the conduct of those who take advantage of our borders should take a hard look at what they are doing to make this situation worse than it already is.

We, as a country, cannot accept this kind of conduct by people who should know better.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.


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