Crises in U.S. not all tied to one party

I write to address the misstatements by the writer of “Democrats keep America on a troubling path” (May 6). Once again this writer offers no facts to prove his misstatements, perhaps having heard them from the Fox news channel, the brainwashing tool of the far right that continues to divide Americans to a disturbing degree. I know my letter will not change his mind–but others understand the real truth must always be reinforced. This letter will address the issues brought up by this writer.

Yes, President Barack Obama transformed America when he became its first Black president. His intelligence and coolness under pressure made him many admirers.

But Republican leadership decided no American would benefit from his plans to assist ordinary Americans with better health care. That was not his fault–the GOP policy, as stated by McConnell himself, was to block every attempt by Obama to help America, fearful it would show Democratic leadership being successful and help other Democrats be elected.

Put the blame where it belongs–on the GOP obstructionist policy.

“Criminals are arrested and released within hours.” First, “the accused” are released–you’ve heard Americans are innocent until proven guilty?

Second, yes, those “accused” of misdemeanor and non-violent felonies may be released without bail. The new law seeks fairness so poor and rich are penalized or held on bail equally. So if two people are accused of the same misdemeanor, and the richer person gives cash for bail and is released–isn’t that richer person also capable of committing the same crime again too– just as the poorer person might if the judge released him without bail?

So perhaps the answer is that if anyone, rich or poor, is accused of a misdemeanor, both are automatically sent to jail to await trial? And consider that bail reform happened in New York state–yet in other states without bail reform, crime has also grown. So maybe other factors are at work here.

Can you tell me exactly which Democrats “voted to defund the police”? Certain people are in favor of transferring some police funding to mental health care to assist police deal with the mentally ill, and a few cities have voted to do this. But President Joe Biden expressly stated he is against defunding. He encouraged greater support for the police of our nation (watch his State of the Union address). The New York Police Department has a budget of $10 billion, Buffalo’s police budget is $519 million, Rochester’s is $561 million. Does that sound like police were defunded?

The writer is concerned we will be forced to buy $60,000 electric cars. Here are some facts. A new, gasoline powered Honda SUV costs $28,000 for the base model, $36,200 for the more expensive version. Here are the base prices of some electric cars: Chevy Bolt, $33,500; VW ID.4, $33, 260; Nissan Leaf, $27,400; Tesla Model Y, $39,990; Ford F150, $41,965.

You might spend more, but no one has to spend $60,000 for an electric car.

Do we have inflation? We do. Is Biden alone responsible for that? No. Is he a socialist democrat? Again, no. A socialist president would have control over private business and would impose lower prices and profits on companies. Right? Don’t like expensive bacon? Encourage your socialist president set its price at $3. Don’t like paying $4.35 for your gas? Tell a socialist president to set the price at $3 a gallon. But that won’t happen, because no president controls private companies.

The companies set prices, based on supply and demand and sometimes based on greed. Google the big companies to see the profits they’ve made recently. On a drive to and from Florida I saw no shortages anywhere. So blame and complain to corporate leaders.

The writer thinks he has no more free speech anymore? When the writer complains in a public newspaper about the president, the president’s cabinet, the vice-president, and more — isn’t he practicing free speech? Yet no one has arrested him for what he says. But a writer is accountable for the misinformation he states and the hate he spreads. So I’m exercising my own free speech right now as well — and I know I won’t be accused of racism, white supremacism, or communism — each an enemy of democracy.

Obama has an estate on Martha’s Vineyard and maybe another in Hawaii? Is buying a house and property breaking the law? You know former President Donald Trump has his estate at Mar-a-Lago and another in New Jersey, right? Can I expect to see him jailed for that? According to a 2018 Forbes article “Trump purchased Mar-a-Lago in 1985 for about $10 million–$5 million for the massive home, a reported $3 million for its lavish furnishings, plus another $2 million for 400 feet of prime beachfront . . . In 2018, Forbes values Mar-a-Lago… at $160 million, . . .” And a Feb. 4, 2022, Insider article reported this: “Trump midterms event at Mar-a-Lago charges $250K for private dinner with him and $100K for a photo. His super PAC keeps the cash.” Should he be arrested for charging people to have their photo taken with him?

Did Vice President Harris create a fund to bail out anyone arrested during demonstrations? No, she did not. Again, let’s refute that far right gossip created by far right liars: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/harris-protesters-bail

Democrats created Social Security in the 1930s to help Americans, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act to grant Americans an essential right, Obama enacted Obamacare to help Americans (nearly 14 million Americans are able to afford health insurance due to this program), Biden enacted the infrastructure bill to help Americans, and President Biden leads us on a path in to hold the sociopath Putin in check — and save the free world.

Thus, we Democrats have striven to be on the right path for the citizens of America.

Diane Andrasik is a Dunkirk resident.


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