More than ever, fraud a U.S. worry


Former Chautauqua County Election Commissioner Norm Green stated in a recent letter that Sen. George Borrello’s failed “Voter Registration Integrity Act” proposal is part and parcel of the national Republican Party’s effort to bring distrust to our national, state and local county voting processes.

This is what the Democrats try to do if someone objects to their voter process which has loopholes. Make them look like they are unpatriotic bringing distrust to the national voting process but remember times have changed with all the computers and technology This country has to be aware of fraud. It’s everywhere. And to think our voting system is exempt from it is foolish and dangerous. It is better to error on the side of caution and tighten up the areas that could cause voter fraud.

The writer goes on to say the Borrello bill would have copies of very important documents moving through the U.S. mail. Talk about a recipe for identity theft. What about the mail in ballots going through the mail talk about important documents going through the mail, while on that note driver’s license, government checks, stimulus checks, medicine many important things go through the mail? But mail in ballots would be just fine.

Green also states, the defeated proposal (S.1853) would have required first-time voter registration applications to include official proof from the applying voter establishing U.S. citizenship.

Now that really sounds unpatriotic give me a break, we need to show all types of ID for almost everything in our lives when you get married you need your birth certificate, purchase beer they want to see your driver’s license, boarding a plane ID required, COVID-19 ID to show your shots, and the list goes on. So if you think its asking to much to show official proof to vote look at the thousands of lives lost defending that right to allow you to vote.

Guard it with your life. And it is not unpatriotic to attack our system of voting its called freedom when you see something wrong speak up. Its called America.

James R. Lisa is a Silver Creek resident.


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