There’s no ‘easier’ way to recovery

In the last two articles we focused on abstinence in treatment, that has helped millions of sick people worldwide, and now appears to be a lost treatment statement in 2022. In Rational emotive behavior therapy we focus on facts, scientifically. I can provide facts that abstinence works in the long run.

What you are about to read is testimonials to AA self-help and a program that is sound and spiritual and helps people in recovery in the modern day. Harm reduction is adhered to because it is the “easier, softer way.” The easier, softer way never worked in recovery and isn’t working now. It’s easy to con young counselors and supervisors, who think they are getting people “sober” who are still using and are not “sober,” not even “dry.”

As you read the two stories, bear in mind that these two chemically dependent clients fought the program until they both hit bottom and it was jail, institutions or death. Both of them came into treatment “spiritually bankrupt,” and only by their humility and reaching out to God of their choosing, have they survived. The nice part of being a counselor in this field, is watching people “self-actualize” and get on with their lives through sobriety. I won’t go into any more details. I’ll just let you judge for yourselves.

Jake — April 25, 2016

I had struggled for years with trying to get sober. I had tried methadone, suboxone, anti-depressants and whatever else doctors would give me to get off opiates. Throughout that time frame, my disease continued to get worse. I wasn’t treating the real problem and cause of my alcoholism and other drug addiction, which was “me!”

Once I finally surrendered and became willing to try something different, my life started to change for the better. I had been living my life “spiritually sick.”

My relationship with God and working a 12-step program (AA) is why I am sober today. I will be six years sober this August and have a strong routine that I follow every day.

I pray on my knees every morning, asking God of my understanding to help keep me sober for today, and that he direct my thoughts and actions toward sobriety.

I read the daily reflections book of 24 hours a day prayer and then write a gratitude list.

Throughout the day, I reach out to other alcoholics in the program and at night I hit my knees and pray again to God for helping me get another day sober. I go to meetings and try to help others every chance I get.

I was in a hopeless state and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, based upon abstinence and God brought me back to life. Today I live an amazing life with my own business, and getting back many of the things I lost during my addiction. My relationship with people I love and helped me along the way is high in my hit parade.

As the coin says that we get in the program, “To thine own self be true.” I hope I’ve lived that these last six years.

Jake L.

As you can see and read into this article, without spirituality, he wouldn’t be here to write his article. Next month will be Pete L.

Mike Tramuta is an AA, REBT counselor. He can be reached at 716-983-1592.


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