Praise for Brooks following visit

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the nurses and doctors at Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk. This all began when I had bad stomach pains, so my wife transported me to the Brooks Hospital Emergency Room where I was met with such professional doctors and nurses, especially Dr. Barker in the ER.

After extensive tests and x-rays, it was shown that I had colon cancer. This was after almost over seven hours of testing. They did a very thorough exam on me.

My next step was to find a surgeon that was reputable, and I found such a person in Dr. Joe Askar, right here in the city. He explained the surgery to me and asked if I preferred to go out of town, and I stated, “No way, I am staying in Dunkirk” with him and Brooks Hospital for the surgery.

Dr Askar is the best surgeon. He took out the cancer and repaired the colon. Then I stayed at Brooks for about a week. Now I have to tell you how great the nurses were in the Intensive Care Unit. I was treated with care — and what professionals they are. I can’t understand how anyone can try to take my hospital away from this city.

On a recent front page of the OBSERVER, it showed a new president and CEO named at Brooks-TLC. Mary LaRowe is retiring. Kenneth Morris will take her place. While serving as vice president of operations, he was compensated with a salary of $249,000 and that was in 2019.

How much will he be taking from Brooks in the future? Now they wonder why they have financial problems. No one is worth that kind of money, especially when they have financial problems.

Is this the reason the Fredonia managers want to move? Then what? Will they still collect that kind of money? I want Brooks Hospital to remain in Dunkirk, no matter what it takes.

Finally, a special thanks to Dr. Askar’s secretary, Linda.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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