Biden’s path is weakening country


Not only is Joe Biden not keeping his head above water, he’s sinking in a sea of his own making.

According to columnist Froma Harrop, Joe Biden has had nothing to do with inflation, high gas prices, or our out of control immigration problems. In fact when Biden took office gas prices were at least $2 a gallon cheaper.

He banned drilling in Alaska, and on all federal lands, and also shut down the Keystone pipeline which would have been operational months ago. First he blames Vladimir Putin, then accuses independent dealers of price gouging.

Biden was sworn in as president, promising to protect and defend the United States. Ask yourself, do you feel safer, and financially secure since he took office? You don’t have to like Donald Trump, but when he was in office our country was in great shape. The borders were secure, the economy was great, and people were proud to be American citizens that had a president with a backbone. What he said he would do, he would follow up on it.

As of last year we’ve already allowed over 3 million illegal immigrants into our country. Biden accepts no responsibility for anything.

It is either the last administration or Putin’s fault. Coming across our border is against the law, that’s why we call these people illegals, but the Biden administration welcomes them in, provides them with transportation and money and sends them into our communities under the cover of darkness.

How about the partisan investigation on the Jan. 6, 2021 event. The only reason this investigation is happening is to try to prevent Trump from ever being able to run for president again.

For four years, from the day Trump was sworn in as president, the far left Democrats tried to impeach him twice and constantly abused and harassed him. Yet he persevered and accomplished many great things. Biden has been in politics for over 40 years, and hasn’t accomplished anything. He probably spends more time in Delaware at his beach house than he does in “Washington.”

Look at the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. We still have Americans that were left behind to the mercy of the Taliban. When Biden ran for president, he promised he would do everything for the middle class Americans. The last polls that were taken had Biden’s approval rating at 27%, which is the lowest ever for any American president. Biden, you can wear those aviator sunglasses all you want, but you can’t hide behind them.

I’m really concerned what is going to happen to our country in the next couple of years. With Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi running the show, I really fear for our future.

I hope and pray that our country does not go down the proverbial drain.

Phillip J. Maslak Sr. is a Dunkirk resident.


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