Differing voices on Brooks’ move


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I try to read the many articles regarding the relocation of Brooks Hospital with an open mind, but the “people in power” make it so difficult.

One statement made by the current hospital chief executive officer was the hospital could not be built by any train tracks due to medical equipment. This is utterly ridiculous. The location suggested on Route 60 is not next to train tracks. I do know there are tracks located down the road, but a solid brick building would protect any medical equipment.

By the way, what medical equipment would be affected? My research has not provided me with any results. If a helicopter landing on top of the building or nearby the building is not harmful to medical equipment, train tracks down the road would not be harmful either.

Then you have Mayor Athanasia Landis trying to take away her residents’ freedom of speech. If someone doesn’t agree with her, they cannot voice their opinion? No one picketed when Pomfret was a chosen site because Pomfret was doing just fine on their own. It was very obvious the Pomfret residents did not want the hospital located in their back yard. They voted against rezoning and put up roadblocks all along the way.

I applaud Trustee Doug Essek for standing up for his beliefs regardless of his trustee position. I do wonder if he would have the same opinion if he were the mayor.

I do wonder about the plans for an employee parking lot with only 42 spaces. If the hospital was filled to capacity with patients, minimum safe nursing staffing would be at least 24. That leaves only 18 spaces for the rest of the ancillary and management positions. Is that really enough spaces for a day shift to park? If students still do clinical rotations at the facility, where would they park?

Are the board of directors thinking this all thorough? I don’t think so.



Team effort is

needed for future


While I agree with many that the hospital board, no matter how good intended, was less than transparent. Putting that aside we need to stop the protests, the bickering, and the political posturing and work the hospital to get it built. It doesn’t matter if it’s located in Dunkirk, Fredonia or the town of Pomfret, as long as it in the northern Chautauqua area.

Rural hospitals are closing at an alarming rate. Ninety-nine closed last year alone. More than half the hospitals are losing money due to the poor reimbursement rates.

If we don’t stop the foolishness the state may decide to put the plug on the funds promised to build the hospital. With the current hospital bleeding red ink it would be force to closed leaving our area a medical desert. People will be forced to drive to either Erie or Buffalo for medical treatment. Doctors will leave and so will our population.

This is very serious business. For everyone’s sake lets all work together to make a new hospital a reality. You will love the result.


former mayor,