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Minor details go missing


The parks look beautiful — the dock refurbished. Little parks throughout the city are cut and trimmed. Plenty of help.

The streets are deplorable. Sunken manholes, potholes, patches and bumps. Not enough help! Shortage of workers. Try going up Grant Avenue above Seventh Street.

Yet when we have music, parades and boat shows it looks like the Daytona 500. All kinds of carts, some manned with two employees flying through the city. Very impressive. Where is the shortage of workers for these “special events?” Again priorities.

On another note, I’m still sweeping up stones from front of house after it was oil and stoned. Stones all over car mats, porch and house being tracked in! Nice going.

Elections coming up. Change is due!



One big push for voters


On National Voter Registration Day, Americans come together over our mutual love of democracy. This year, the day falls on Sept, 24: there will be an all-out push to register as many Americans as possible. Each vote makes a difference at the ballot box.

National Voter Registration Day discourages political rage in favor of voter celebration, educating Americans on one of our most precious rights — the right to vote. With so many world citizens denied this basic right, promoting one of our core democratic values — voting, should give all Americans something to cheer about. Voting — it’s good!

Hundreds of local, state and national organizations are the driving force behind National Voter Registration Day. In Chautauqua County, the League of Women Voters is gearing up to get out the vote. The League will register voters, and share information about early voting, which will run from October 26 to November 3 before this year’s general election.

National Voter Registration Day — it’s something to celebrate!


Chautauqua County League of Women Voters,

Voter Services

Village work gets praise


Thank you for a job well done to the village of Fredonia Streets Department and S. St. George Enterprises. What was to be a two-day job — Sept. 4 and 5 — replacing four main valves on Forbes Place, Cottage Street, and Lambert Avenue was professionally completed in one day.

The two entities worked seamlessly together starting at 7 a.m. and worked straight through the day until all the work was done and our water was back on. Although the scheduled workday was until 3 p.m. the village of Fredonia staff all stayed until all the work was done.

Once the water was turned on we checked our water and it was still running brown. We spoke to Doug and his co-workers on the village Streets Department staff and they took the extra effort to flush a hydrant a second time. An excellent hardworking group and we really appreciate what they did for us!




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