Fredonia: Proposal fails for the future

Cutting the scraps.

By agreeing to not be a part of the Chadwick Bay Development Corp. and reducing the minimum wage expectation for the next year, all Fredonia trustees are doing is finding bits and pieces of the budget that we all know does not add up to a lot.

Where are the big costs? In the generous salaries and benefits being paid – and recently approved – by the village. In fact, one village employee – a part-timer at that – collects a salary of more than $65,000, receives health insurance and already collects $35,000 for a pension. That’s a total compensation of $115,000 – and that amount may be too conservative.

When a former state assemblyman was called on this same tactic years ago, we referred to it as “double dipping.”

So, Fredonia seems to be on track to pass its budget with a tax hike that includes plenty of excuses. But the big costs in the future are not going away, especially when board members ignore the “double dipping.”