ELECTION: Making noise on convention

Last week, the Civil Service Employees Association made a stop in Chautauqua County. While meeting with members and residents took up a good portion of the four-day visit, there was one more thing on their agenda: recommending their members vote “no” on the state Constitutional Convention.

They are not alone. Last spring, both state Sen. Catharine Young and Assemblyman Andrew Goodell took the same angle when asked at the county Chamber of Commerce legislative breakfast in Lakewood.

That’s important to note — as well as the fact voters need to decide on this issue, which comes up every 20 years. The most recent convention was in 1967 and all the recommendations made then were later rejected by voters.

Residents need to begin talking about this issue — and raising questions. Big money, no doubt, will play a large role in what you learn about the convention, which could take on issues such as term limits, redistricting and campaign finance reform.

Have the knowledge of the issue when going to the polls this November. It will be on the ballot as a proposition.


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