New York State: Another hike in the wage

Before the year ends, a number of small businesses will feel an extra pinch from New York state as the minimum wage will increase from $9.70 per hour to $10.40.

State Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes the current wage is not a living wage. But for some of these earners, it may mean a loss of jobs due to a continuing increase cost of doing business for employers. Over the past year, our newspaper has heard from many non-profit organizations — as well as for-profit — that are concerned about the 70-cent per hour increase.

Some businesses and organizations have noted the need to cut hours or staffing due to the hike, which takes effect on Dec. 31.

Federally, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The neighboring state of Pennsylvania goes by that rate.

New York, however, will be $3.15 per hour more starting Sunday. It will make us less competitive in national business — and it may cost some part-time jobs as well in our region.