FREDONIA: ‘Great job’ of nothing

There may be a lot of sore shoulders in the coming weeks after hearing about all the “great” work done by the Fredonia Village Board in approving a budget with no tax increase.

To the board’s credit, it was handed a spending plan by Mayor Athanasia Landis that included an operating deficit. Judging by the pats on each others’ backs, no problems have been solved by the trustees — just delayed for coming generations in whittling down the red this year.

“We have a lot more to do in the future years, but I think we did a great job on the work on this budget,” said Trustee James Lynden. “It’s amazing what a small community with a very small amount of funding can do compared to others. We worked very hard to supply the services that a community like ours deserves. I wish the state would pay a little more attention to that.”

Get over it, Fredonia. The only way you are going to get better attention — or funding — from the state is to not whine about your situation, but to work with other entities. Fortunately, there have been signs of more partnerships by the village in the works.

That is how Albany takes notice.