CASSADAGA: Wrong voice from village

Maybe the Cassadaga Village Board can do something about its Zoning Board of Appeals, which has taken to punishing a popular area venue in the Red House. News of the decision to deny the establishment a variance was published last week in our newspaper.

It makes you wonder just how business friendly the government is.

Of course, just about everyone in the village benefits from the Red House. Guests are coming to town as events are taking place. This means increased traffic and tourists shopping in the area that includes Lily Dale.

But no. The Zoning Board of Appeals is anti-business — or at least that seems to be the sentiment.

Without question, it is a problem for Red House owners Steve and Nancy Wickmark. “We have 27 weddings that are scheduled for the summer,” he said. “These people have been on the books for two years. Many of them are friends of ours. We’re not going to say no to them at this point.”

Citizens for a Better Cassadaga must be disappointed as well. The hard-working volunteer group that wants to promote the lake community is being undermined by a government that serves a population of about 611 people.

Shame on everyone who allowed this to happen.