PLANNING BOARD: Will winds of change continue in county?

Two town boards face a tall order in the coming weeks. Both Villenova and Hanover have to decide whether to allow windmills that tower up to 600 feet.

Last week, the Chautauqua County Planning Board in a 6-3 vote rejected the request for the Ball Hill Wind Energy Project. “Many were concerned about the potential for additional noise impacts, the changed view of the area and potential ice throw,” said Don McCord, county planning director.

For the heights to be allowed, the towns need to have supermajority vote — or greater than 60 percent. That is due to the Planning Board rejection.

We have already seen the dramatic change in our landscape due to the construction of the towers in Arkwright. If approved, these proposed turbines will bring the same effect. And once they are built, there is no going back.


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