Dunkirk: No affording a pet project

Dunkirk, despite having a $22 million budget serving 12,000 residents, is financially strapped. City streets are slow to be repaired. Downtown, especially in its heart, looks in shambles. And, like other state municipalities, there are plenty of infrastructure worries.

That being said, one of the issues in the spotlight recently has to do with the dog pound near Cedar Beach. While the shelter serves as a short stay, there have been some complaints recently about its condition and upkeep. “It’s temporary,” said Steve Purol, Dunkirk animal control officer. “Everyone thinks dogs are here forever. They’re just not.”

While residents believe more improvements are needed for the site, it does pass state inspection. With that, we pose the question: should the city invest more in the building?

It is very unlikely since the city cannot afford new jail cells or a modern police facility or fire department. But there are some things residents could do, who want to help lost or unwanted pets, such as donate or volunteer for the Lakeshore Humane Society or other groups that assist with animals.

Many pet owners are responsible, while few others are not — and some are just unlucky when they lose their furry friend. That city facility — even if it is far from perfect — helps make reunions happen.