DUNKIRK City cannot afford hirings

Here we go again. Dunkirk Common Council member Don Williams is complaining the city is understaffed when it comes to the Department of Public Works — and he wants to add more employees before the winter.

So, the simple question is this: just where will the money come from to fund these positions? That, of course, is not Williams’ concern. With his staunch union background, he’s just looking to add more workers.

Dunkirk, for the record, has enough of those. The Queen city of the county, with a population of 12,000 residents, already employs 161 people who earn close to $12 million in total compensation. Taking it a step further, Dunkirk has one employee for every 75 residents.

That for a city with a budget of $22 million — and looking for more revenue since NRG Energy Inc. will not be repowering. That’s a $4 million loss alone.

If the job isn’t being done properly now — particularly when it comes to snowplowing, it isn’t because of a lack of employees. It either has to do with supervision or poorly orchestrated contracts that continue to put a stranglehold on any potential progress when it comes to problems.

Past leadership got residents into this mess. Current elected city officials need to work harder — and smarter — to get us out.