EVANS: Board must consider plan

When 700 residents sign a petition, that is nothing to ignore. But that is what the Evans Town Board did last month when it was presented on the evening of Aug. 15.

Stan Radwan, one of the members of the Evans Taxpayers United Group, criticized the three-member board for their lack of action earlier this month as the petition seeks a possible consolidation of the town Police Department with the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

As usual when a group seeks efficiencies in government, those possibly impacted take a stand. But all this taxpayer group is looking for is a consideration — and public hearing — for a proposal that could bring a significant cost savings to a town — about $1.4 million.

“You did this to satisfy a minor group of so-called professionals who conducted themselves as a mob and whom you constantly bribe with our tax dollars,” Radwan said of the town’s lack of attention to the proposal.

Evans, in recent years, has faced plenty of financial difficulty — even borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Erie County to bridge a recent deficit. They need to be open to any idea that reduces expenses.