FREDONIA Rental plan is low priority

Busy work. That is exactly what the Fredonia Village Board and its mayor have created by putting forth a proposal to change the rental housing codes.

Are things really that bad in the village when it comes to students, other tenants and landlords in the village? A recent scan of police charges in the village, while the university is in operation, would indicate otherwise other than for one weekend — that which is formerly known as Fredonia Fest.

Last Monday, a number of area property owners with apartments turned out to criticize the proposal. “If you are strictly targeting student housing, I think that’s discriminatory,” said David Bird, a landlord from the village. “You’re saying we can’t have students in a certain size room. Fredonia State has rooms smaller than closets they are giving out.”

Fredonia benefits greatly from these students coming to town — and yes, there can be problems that come with them as there are with any other college town. But for the most part, those issues are not showing up in the police records that are being released to this newspaper other than open container, violating the sewer ordinance or underage drinking.

If there are other major issues involving housing and the students that are not being made public, then the community has a right to know before this law goes forward.