HIGHS AND LOWS: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week:


HEINZ HONORS — Congratulations to Sherri Mason, Ph.D. She was the recipient of the 23rd Heinz Award in the Public Policy category for her groundbreaking research identifying the presence of microbeads and microfibers in fresh water, and for raising awareness of the potential impact of microplastics and associated contaminants on the food chain and human health, resulting in state, federal and international policy change. As part of the accolade, Dr. Mason will receive an unrestricted cash award of $250,000. Her work has drawn international attention to the treats posted by microplastics. Dr. Mason is definitely deserving of such an honor.

DEMO CHAMPION — We want to applaud Wayne Clemens for his recent demolition derby victory. Over Labor Day weekend, Clemens won the New York State Demolition Derby championship at Holland Speedway. Clemens has been competing in demolition derbies for the past 30 years and has always had lots of success locally. This isn’t the first time he’s won a state championship; previously when he won, his brother Dennis Jr. was the runner-up.

COCKAIGNE IS BACK — There’s no snow on the ground, but that didn’t stop activity from taking place last weekend at Cockaigne. The Cherry Creek business had its first official event with the Bluegrass Festival. Owners say they are committed to making Cockaigne a four-season resort. That’s great news for skiers and non-skiers alike.


SOFTBALL FIELD VANDALISM — Efforts to improve the softball field behind the Christian Worship Center Church on Eagle Street Fredonia have been delayed due to vandalism to the dugout. A section of the wall was pushed in. We don’t understand who would damage this. The dugout was previously spray-painted with vandalism. We hope the culprits who did this are apprehended. Anyone with information is asked to call Fredonia police at 679-1531.