WIND TURBINES Health group late to debate

It seems as though some Health Department officials throughout in our region are a little slow in reacting to wind turbine concerns. Last week the Western New York Public Health Alliance went public with a letter it sent to the Public Service Commission.

In the letter, it states concerns about wind projects that continue to be considered around this region. “Our membership believes that any project of this nature and magnitude only be considered following a complete and transparent process including all the standard environmental and health impact studies and local input,” notes the letter.

Alliance members went public Tuesday with the June 26 letter due to a lack of response. While its concerns are greatly appreciated by many — especially those who oppose the turbines — there is one other sentiment for these health officials: where have you been in recent years.

Health concerns associated with turbines are always a potential issue. You have to wonder why this alliance did not address this dilemma earlier.