Fredonia: Another chance for historic site

Thanks to a local landscaping service, the White Inn site in Fredonia does not have the look of an eyesore. Without the mowing of the lawns, it could look a lot worse.

But last week’s announcement brought hope for a village icon. The Western New York Regional Development Council listed the landmark as a priority project with an obvious community partner: the State University of New York at Fredonia.

“Our goal, really, is an effort to help the college and community,” said Kevin Kearns, SUNY Fredonia vice president for Engagement and Economic Development. “Bringing the Inn back into operation would be really good for our campus so that guests would have a wonderful place to stay. The economic impact of reopening the Inn would be significant for the community to once again have a place that’s been — both historically and practically — a mainstay for tourists and others coming to the area.”

For more than 16 months, there has been no restaurant at the location. For a year, the hotel has been closed.

Fredonia residents appreciate their history. Bringing back the White Inn — with the university connection and state support — is almost a reality.